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Andrea Hart


I was born and raised in Arizona.  My love for music started at 6 years old when I began taking piano and violin and cello lessons a few years later.  I took on learning the flute and piccolo in elementary.  I continued piano, flute and piccolo lessons through high school.  I graduated with honors and received several scholarships.  I taught piano lessons while in college.  I received a degree in Arts and a degree in General Studies.  Music College had a two year waiting list, so I continued y education in my other love, art.

I have played the piano and/or flute for many recitals, church programs, community and school plays, musicals and ballets.

Since high school, I have always played the piano or organ for the LDS Institute or church.

I met my husband through his sister while I was in college and working in a bank vault.  He was in Utah and I in Arizona, however, things worked out.

We have 4 children, now all grown up.  We have moved many times, between Arizona, Wyoming and Utah.

I have been skydiving, deep sea fishing off the coast of Hawaii, hiked the Grand Canyon, kayaked off the coast of Catalina, and rode an elephant and petted tigers in Thailand.  I have also been in two LDS New Testament Bible Videos, just as a crowd member.

I have worked in the financial industry, education and as a homemaker.  I enjoy playing the piano and learning new pieces, painting, drawing and crocheting.

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