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David Hyer


Hi, my name is David. I'm so excited to meet you! Music has been an important part of my life ever since I enrolled in my first music class in 6th grade. I started playing the clarinet and moved onto the saxophone after that. I played in every music class I could. In 8th grade I started playing in our marching band and in my junior year I was promoted to drum major until I graduated. In my junior year I also started playing in the high school jazz band, I stayed in that band until I graduated. In my free time I enjoy listening to as much music as I can in any genre I can find. I also love to play Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons with my friends. When I'm not playing those I'm usually playing video games. I am currently trying to find more ways of incorporating my passion for music into my life. Outside of all of my hobbies I will spend time with my cats Weasley, Finn, Siris, and Chloe.

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