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Kirsten Nelson holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music Therapy from Utah State University. Her love of music began as a young child watching her mother teach piano lessons in her studio.  She began taking lessons at a young age and later learned to play the violin.  She decided to continue this passion by studying music in college.  After finishing her degree, Kirsten taught music lessons successfully in her home studio for years in Cache Valley.  During this time she was a chairman of the Cache Valley Piano Chapter of National Federation of Music Clubs.  She also taught music classes at Logan Regional Hospital Child Development Center.  After moving to Davis County, Kirsten began working at Bravo Arts Academy.  She has served as the Music Department Leader during this time.  She has had the privilege of teaching many amazing students over the years.

Kirsten comes from a very musical family and one of her favorite things to do is play piano and violin with her mom, sisters and brother.  Music has been a big part of her life!  She loves helping students discover the joy of music!

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Parent & Student Reviews

Parent & Student Reviews

Mrs. Nelson is such a great teacher. She is amazing at playing the piano and that is very helpful when showing students what to do. She is patient and kind. She makes lessons worthwhile and fun to go to.

I love having her as a teacher.

Austin, student

Kirsten Nelson has been a huge part of my daughter's success in learning piano. My daughter was doing fine at piano, but then we got a chance to take lessons from Kirsten. Since then, I've seen a huge change of interest in my daughter. She is researching songs to play, practicing almost every day. Mrs. Nelson listens to what my daughter wants to do and actually give her a chance to express herself in her own way. She is being challenged in music theory, her technical skills, as well as artistry. The best part of the experience is to see how happy my daughter is coming out of class. To see the sense of accomplishment in her eyes and the boost in her self-confidence. I'd highly recommend Mrs. Nelson as a music instructor.

Caroline, parent

Mrs. Nelson has been the best teacher. I was very impressed on the first day with they way they teach at Bravo. My daughter is quiet and was unsure, but Mrs. Nelson has made practices fun with her outgoing personality.

Amy, parent

Mrs. Nelson is an AMAZING piano teacher! She’s been my teacher for around 7 years now and makes learning how to play pretty easy! She finds the best way that you understand the music and uses that to teach you.

Katelyn, student

Kirsten Nelson is an amazing piano teacher. My kids love having her as their teacher. She makes everything fun!!! Kirsten has many gifts. Some are: amazing pianist, amazing teacher, always has the best attitude, is always happy, and you just want to be around her. My teenagers have not quit piano because of her. Bravo is worth the 20 minute commute each way! I have 4 kids that take piano at Bravo! We love it!!!

Megan, parent

We just want to say we love Ms. Nelson! My son had had another piano teacher he felt comfortable with for years, and when she left, the thought of switching made him very uneasy. Ms. Nelson has been a big blessing since then. She is extraordinary with the piano and as a teacher; she is fun and she is sweet! Thank you for teaching our son, Ms. Nelson.

Tamara, parent

Ms. Kirsten Nelson is a very talented and upbeat piano teacher who lifts up my daughter every week and makes my daughter feel good and helps with piano skills and music dynamics.

Ms. Nelson is a great asset to Bravo Arts Academy and valuable teacher to her piano students.

Janae, parent

I've had Mrs. Nelson as a piano teacher for over 6 years and she's supportive of what I do in and outside of Bravo! She picks pieces that keep me motivated to continue playing and has helped improve my skills throughout the years. Her experience makes lessons go smoothly with students and you'll have opportunities to learn the many aspects of music.

Reann, student

We have worked with Kirsten for several years. Our kids love having her for a teacher. She makes piano so fun. She finds songs that our kids are excited to learn. Kirsten makes the kids feel like good friends. She knows their interests and hobbies outside of piano and makes them feel so important.

Emily, parent

Kirsten Nelson has been teaching my child private piano at BRAVO for some time now.  She is the most positive and outgoing music instructor.  No matter what mood my child is in, Kirsten always brings her up and is so complimentary on her progress.  Kirsten thinks of ways to help manage without frustration.   I cannot believe how lucky we are to have her as an instructor. At all the previous Bravo Recitals before COVID, Kirsten was always busy organizing and making sure the children were prepared and comfortable before each recital.  Even before teaching my student, Kirsten was always friendly to everyone even if she did not know you.  She is always on the go and clearly loves her job.  One can see this is truly her passion.  We are all so fortunate that Kirsten is helping BRAVO continue the business after COVID.  It is truly a comfort to know my child is in the hands of such a gifted individual.

Monica, parent

Ms. Nelson is the brightest, kindest, and most intelligent piano teacher I have ever had the pleasure of working with. As a Bravo student for the current and last 10 years, I have had a fair share of music teachers, and I would
be lying if I said Ms. Nelson wasn’t my favorite. She really exposes her students to pieces that play to their strengths and peak their interests. I am not a naturally gifted musician in Baroque and Classical music, but I am passionate about Romantic and 20th century music, and she’s successfully helped me learn pieces that both amaze audiences and have beautifully expanded my repertoire. Not only does she educate and help her students become better pianists, she is a very supportive mentor and friend, and has helped me become an overall better person. I have loved working with Ms. Nelson as a student, and now co-worker as a piano teacher myself, and I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning about and developing their love for music!

Alyssa, student

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