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Welcome to 
Music Academy of Utah!

Frequently Asked Questions

What classes can I take at Music Academy of Utah?

Does Music Academy of Utah offer chances to perform?

We love to perform!

We offer two recitals each year.

We also offer masterclasses where students can practice performing.

Can adults take lessons?

Yes, we love teaching students of all ages!

How do I know what books I will need?

Your teacher will discuss books and materials at the first lesson.

Is my first class free?

Yes!  The first class is free! 

How long are lessons? How often are lessons?

All lessons are weekly.

Group lessons are 1 hour long.

Private lessons are 1 hour long:

1/2 hour theory lab + 1/2 hour lesson

Are music books and sheet music included in my tuition?

Books, sheet music and accessories are not included in the tuition.

Are there any other fees?

There is a $25 registration fee.

Who will my children's teacher be?

Are there recital fees?

No recital fees!

Where can I find pricing info?

Text us 385-405-2778

or email us

When are classes offered?

Contact us to see our current openings!

Text us 385-405-2778

or email us

Do you offer toddler classes?

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes!  We offer many discounts:




Contact us for more info!

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