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Music Academy of Utah is the best place for anyone to learn everything from basics to advanced levels in piano, violin, guitar, and voice. The teachers and lab aids are patient and well informed and truly love what they do. There is no age limit for students. Adults and kids alike are welcome to come and learn how to create something wonderful!


Music Academy of Utah is a kind, exciting, and successful music business that ignites passion within Utah’s future musicians! This is where I started my love for music and have continued on with my passion in becoming a teacher. With the best teachers, great learning environment, and fantastic curriculum, I have grown so much as a pianist and a person. Kirsten Nelson, the owner, and my longtime friend and piano teacher, is an incredible teacher and person. I would highly recommend lessons from Music Academy of Utah for all sorts of instrument interests because it is an incredible small business that is worth every penny. The experience, knowledge, and growth children and adults of all ages get from their program is priceless.


As an adult student I don’t feel out of place and my teacher is so energetic that I enjoy coming to class. And even though I might not have the time to practice she is super patient with me. The place feels very calm, and relaxed. And there are so many people who are more than happy to help, if I have any questions.


My daughter has taken music lessons for a couple years here. She has had a positive experience and she can play the piano really well now. The teachers and staff are so talented, patient and encouraging. I highly recommend it!


We love this place! The environment is great, so friendly and positive. The curriculum is good and I love that they teach music theory as well. I can't say enough nice things about the teachers, especially Justin he is so amazing and patient with my son who has adhd and anxiety. He really helps him stay motivated and happy. My son loves going to lessons and seeing Justin! My oldest child is a little more advanced and his teacher is the owner (Kirsten). He struggles with wanting to play the classical pieces that he finds boring. She is great, and takes the time to work with him to find alternative fun classical pieces that are enjoyable for him to play and keep him motivated, as well as continuing to strengthen his talent. Honestly such a great place to take your kid to for lessons!


Kirsten does a fantastic job of teaching our son piano. He does not need to be told to practice, and he looks forward to all his lessons. Classes are personable and fun. The student is the star. Thank you, Kirsten @Music Academy of Utah


The Music Academy of Utah is everything you could ask for in a musical company. The lessons are taught by amazing and patient staff who want nothing more but for your child to learn and have fun while doing so. I’ve enjoyed my time taking guitar lessons there and recommend it to anyone who wishes to learn music. Whether it be piano, guitar, violin, or voice, this academy has everything you could ever want. Give it a chance and sign up!


I’m taking Violin here, and love my teacher. She helps me to improve my skills and even challenges me even when I don’t think I can do it. Even though as an adult I struggle finding time to practice, but she is very patient and still helps me to improve.


Such a wonderful and kind environment! All of the teachers are super friendly and are willing to help you along your way! Not to mention there's no age limit on lessons! Adults and kids of all ages are more than welcome to come learn here! I love it!!


My 4 year daughter is in the Mini Musicians class and loves it! She also adores her teacher. She comes home singing the class theme song all the time. As a pianist I have noticed that she has an excellent sense of rhythm and keeps a steady beat when singing. Her ability to match pitches has increased as well. I look forward to her being enrolled in classes at MAU for years to come!


We have been taking piano lessons at the Music Academy of Utah since its beginning, and I would never take my kids anywhere else. This is the first time my girls actually LIKE going to piano lessons. The teachers are incredible! They are knowledgeable, educated, and you can tell they LOVE what they do. Not only are they excellent teachers, but so nice. I love this place!


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