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Nick Woodbury


I was born in Ogden and moved to the Midwest (Iowa) as an adolescent. I started playing the drums at church camp when I was 14. But, it wasn’t till about 8 years later that I started taking drumming seriously and I awoke the true passion for it within myself. 


I grew up always wanting to be a teacher. but the closer I got to finishing High School, the clearer it became that being a school teacher didn’t seem the right fit for me.  So, I worked my way through many different fields—construction, concrete, various jobs in manufacturing, bartending, I was even a wind turbine blade repair technician for a few years.


I’ve been a part of a few very different musical projects, from metal to pop to a reggae/rock group. Since moving to Utah, I’ve finished one full album with one of the rock bands, a couple studio tracks with the reggae band, and a demo with a Latino Rock band.


Someone once told me, “To be a teacher, you must first be a student, and never stop being a student.” And those words have been stuck in my mind ever since. I’m always striving to learn more and to improve, and I love teaching others and helping them improve as well.  I’m so excited for the opportunity to learn, grow, and to help others do the same, through the Music Academy of Utah!

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