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Evan Budd

Guitar, Ukulele, Piano

Hello Friends! My name is Evan Budd. 

I've been singing, playing guitar and piano for a while now.

I was first introduced when my sisters started singing with the Children's Clearfield City Choir. After attending their first performance, and hearing a particularly beautiful Christmas song, it has been something I've pursued ever since.


     I started guitar lessons in 9th grade and played through high school and after. I have sung in various school choirs including at North Davis Jr High and Clearfield High School. 

      I have a younger sister that I've been able to help pass on my passion for music and she has begun to learn the guitar from me. I enjoy teaching and helping people to learn and to help them as they take ownership of their own learning. 

     I look forward to working with all the students I'll be privileged to meet.

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