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Tessa Carlson

Guitar & Ukulele

Tessa Carlson has been performing and singing her entire life, writing songs ever since she was a little kid. She has been involved in music through several school and community musicals, choir classes and groups, and original performances. Tessa took up guitar and ukulele in 2020 and has been studying with Jim Ingles since. She adores playing the instrument and loves working with kids just as much. Her teaching begins with rudimentary subjects that set the foundation for advanced progression while incorporating theory, music that the students enjoy, connection, and a versatile range of styles. When she's not songwriting or going to school at Davis High, Tessa enjoys all things creative. She uses several mediums to create traditional art, including alcohol markers, watercolor paint, and oil pastels. Her other hobbies include video games, fashion, and talking walks. 

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