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Hannah Stewart


Hannah Stewart is classically trained and has been teaching piano since 2010, after enjoying many years of private music education and music training programs.  She has a background in vocal training as a soloist and choir member, but specializes in piano performance.  She has experience with performing both solo and in ensembles and has served as an accompanist in many competition settings over the years. From a young age, she fell in love with making music to express herself and cope with the everyday anxieties of life, and she finds joy in sharing that with others.


Hannah has taught over one hundred students from every level, style, and age, but especially enjoys working with beginner students in discovering the joy of making music. Whether that is a very young beginner or an adult choosing to learn music later in life, she finds it inspiring. She believes that she can learn from each student, as nobody is ever done learning. She has become proficient in the newer innovation of online lessons, which has opened up many possibilities to keep students connected and making music, even from afar.


When Hannah is not teaching, she is usually spending time with her husband and two sons. Her other hobbies include guitar, dancing, gardening, reading, puzzles, baking, and cake decorating.

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