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Makeila Atwood


I started playing piano in 2012. I was drawn to the piano my family had that was rarely played and very out of tune. After trying to teach myself for a few months, my parents bought a new piano and got me started with a teacher. From there I realized I had discovered a passion. Playing piano was not something that came naturally to me but I enjoyed the challenge of putting in the work to learn a piece and hear the end result. Music brings me peace and relaxation.  Throughout my schooling I surrounded myself with music in various choir settings and color guard. I have also spent time playing piano in different church capacities.  I love being around kids! They are constantly learning and absorbing the world around them. I'm excited to share my passion with them in fun and engaging ways. When I'm not playing piano or trying to keep up with my toddler, I enjoy crafting, sewing, and playing board or video games.

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