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Jan Lyons

Voice & Piano

I am an Ogden Native. I attended Ben Lomond High School and went on to Weber State University. I started studying piano at the age of eight and voice at the age of 16. Prior to attending Weber State University, I studied with many local teachers. At Weber State University I had the privilege of studying with many wonderful professors and musicians. I studied piano with Virginia Cecil Haugan and Claire West. This is when I started to study voice with Evelyn M. Harris and put my focus on vocal pedagogy. I was a member of Weber State A Cappella Choir and Weber State Singers under
the direction of Lyneer Smith. I also participated in the LDS Institute music programs at Weber State.


I took a break from formal study for about 10 years due to a mission and marriage. I returned to studying with Evelyn
Harris in 2002 and I am currently still studying with Evelyn. It is now time for some refresher piano lessons.


I love teaching and I love being a student and continually learning new skills and techniques. Over the years I have had fun performing in some local theater. My favorites have been Sound of Music, Music Man
and Into the Woods. I enjoy preforming with choirs as it teaches one to listen and to blend. 


No matter the song or the instrument I feel it is important to feel and convey that feeling to one’s audience. Music is rooted in passion. Anyone can sing or play any instrument, but to have it touch someone else’s soul is the art of music. Music is such a healing experience. It teaches math, balance, and to me always brings a resolution to whatever is in my heart, i.e. happy, sad, mad, etc. Most importantly music is fun. It brings joy and creativity into our realm.

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